Meet the CEO - Joe Bond

July 24, 2023
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Joe Bond is the founder and CEO of Cedar Recovery. In 2015, he saw the opioid epidemic rising and destroying the community where he lived. In response, he founded Cedar Recovery to develop an addiction treatment plan that works.

An image of Dr. Stephen Loyd, Chief Medical Officer of Cedar Recovery

Meet Joe Bond, the founder, and CEO of Cedar Recovery. Joe's personal understanding of addiction's impact stems from witnessing the challenges faced by loved ones. In 2015, he established Cedar Recovery in response to the growing opioid epidemic in his community. Joe's determination drives the company mission of creating evidence-based addiction treatment that works.


Originally from Lebanon, TN, Joe received his bachelor's degree in history and MBA from Lincoln Memorial University. He continuously strives for personal and professional growth and is a 2005 graduate of Leadership Wilson and 2015graduate of Leadership Middle Tennesse. Joe also serves on the board of Leadership Middle Tennessee, nurturing regional leadership development.


Joe Bond's drive and dedication inspire those around him to seek innovative solutions and create lasting change. Cedar Recovery's commitment to excellence and Joe's passion for transforming lives offer hope for a brighter future in addiction treatment.

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