Opioid addiction can affect anyone, but there’s always hope for recovery. While seeking help may seem daunting, support systems and treatment options are available to guide you through this journey. At Cedar Recovery, we offer compassionate care, counseling and medication-assisted treatment options for people who are battling substance abuse and opioid dependence. Our comprehensive treatment approach helps people beat addiction and form lifelong positive habits to help them remain drug-free once they leave the program.

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First of its kind, CedarRx is the only in-house pharmacy in Tennessee. Coming soon to more Cedar Recovery locations in 2024!

Compassionate Opioid Addiction Treatment

Our comprehensive treatment protocol is designed to help individuals with opioid use disorder take back control of their lives. We use an evidence-based approach, including medication-assisted treatment, therapy and peer support, to help our clients navigate the withdrawal process and beat their addictions in the long term.

Our pledge to you:

To help you feel better, get better and stay better within a safe non-judgemental community.

Multifaceted Support for Lasting Recovery

When you choose Cedar Recovery as your opioid addiction center, you can benefit from:

A tailored approach to recovery: Our combination of personalized treatment plans, ongoing assessments, attentive case management and peer support means help is always available. Doctors and counselors monitor your health, while peers offer encouragement and accountability.

Quality care at a trusted Suboxone clinic: Our doctors will monitor you throughout the withdrawal process and can prescribe Suboxone or other medications to help manage withdrawal symptoms, ensuring your safety and well-being. Compassionate, evidence-based care is at the core of the services we provide.

A dedicated in-house pharmacy: For some individuals, the stigma associated with opioid use disorder is a barrier to seeking support from a Suboxone clinic. We know your medication is something that should be kept between you and your doctor. Our local treatment facility in Lebanon, TN, has its own in-house pharmacy, helping maintain confidentiality at all stages of your treatment.

Meet Our Cedar Recovery Lebanon TN Team

The addiction treatment center team members at our Lebanon, Tennessee, clinic aim to provide comprehensive, knowledgeable care and support to all their patients. The team includes:

Medical Provider – Joshua Wienczkowski, MD, Nancy Coates, NP-C, Michelle Holtgraewe, NP, Gabrielle Bonner, PA-C
Certified Peer Recovery Specialist –
 John Clark
CPRS Lead Therapist – Maranda Carney, LPC-MHSP
Office Coordinator – 
Tamaran Pooler

At Cedar Recovery, we believe Medication-Assisted Treatment (MAT) is the key to navigating a successful recovery. Addictions are complex things, and recovery requires a combination of medications, therapy and support to help people address the challenges that led them to this stage of their lives. Our comprehensive approach to treatment sets our patients up for long-term success.

Suboxone Treatment Success Stories

The Cedar Recovery Suboxone clinic service has helped many people in their journey to a healthier life. Below, we share one of our recent opioid addiction recovery success stories.

“Cedar Recovery provided the treatment and compassionate care that was essential to my recovery. Their team deeply understands the complexities of addiction and offers unwavering support throughout my entire journey. I’m so thankful for their expertise and guidance.”

– Former Patient at Cedar Recovery, Lebanon, TN

Getting Started: What to Expect

Your first visit to a Cedar Recovery Suboxone clinic in Lebanon, Tennessee, is the beginning of a new chapter in your life. Our friendly team will be there to welcome you and guide you through the enrollment process.

What to Bring to Your Initial Visit:

  • Photo ID: A valid government-issued identification such as a driver’s license or passport.
  • Insurance details: Please bring your health insurance card and relevant policy information. This helps us verify your coverage quickly and discuss any potential costs with you.
  • Initial payment (if applicable): If your treatment is not fully covered by insurance, please be prepared to make your initial payment. We accept various forms of payment and can discuss options during your visit.

As part of your first session, you’ll meet with a therapist and a doctor. They’ll compose a treatment plan that may include medication, counseling and other support tailored to your circumstances and challenges.

We understand that beating addiction isn’t easy. Many of the people we work with are struggling with alcohol addiction or other substance abuse issues, as well as opioid addiction. We’ll try to meet you where you are, with no three-strike rule and a compassionate, supportive approach to treatment.

Throughout the program, we’ll monitor your process and adjust your treatment based on your needs and progress. Our team will remain in contact with you on a regular basis to support you on your journey. We try to remove as many barriers as possible to help our patients stick to the program, offering convenient appointment times at local clinics and medication-assisted treatment to minimize withdrawal symptoms.

Why Choose Cedar Recovery Lebanon for Your Addiction Treatment?

The Suboxone doctors at Cedar Recovery Lebanon provide evidence-based care and work with therapists and counselors to offer a full-service approach to substance abuse treatment. Our goal is to not only address the medical aspects of addiction but to support the long-term recovery of the individuals we work with, arming them with the life skills and coping strategies they need to stay drug-free.If you or someone close to you is struggling with opioid addiction, know that help is available. The team of addiction specialists at Cedar Recovery Lebanon is here to support you on your recovery journey.

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We understand you must have plenty of questions…

Getting started can be overwhelming, so we’ve answered some of the most frequently asked questions here.

Ryan - Former suboxone treatment patient

“This program wasn’t just about kicking the pills. It was about healing my whole self. The therapy, the staff, the support groups, the focus on my mental health – those made all the difference. They showed me that even at my lowest, I was worth saving. I’ll be forever grateful for their kindness and their expertise.”

Ryan – Former Patient

You can request an appointment online or call our team at your convenience. Our friendly team would be happy to provide confidential advice and guide you through the booking process.

Call to Schedule a Same-day Appointment

Anyone can schedule an appointment with Cedar Recovery Lebanon. There’s no need for a referral from a doctor or addiction specialist.

Our initial consultations are the ideal opportunity to meet our doctors, ask questions and raise any concerns you might have. There’s no obligation to commence treatment after your first consultation.

We accept most major insurance plans, including Medicare and Medicare Advantage. See our full list of accepted providers, or contact us to learn more.

We offer payment plans and grant funding to help eligible individuals cover some or all of the costs of their care. If you’re uninsured and on a low income, you may qualify for financial support. Contact us to learn more about our grant programs and how to apply.

Our doctors will assess you as part of your enrollment. Many of our patients start Suboxone treatment immediately after that assessment; however, your treatment program may vary depending on your circumstances.
Your first visit will involve a comprehensive assessment with a therapist and a medical evaluation. This typically takes about an hour, allowing us to gather the information needed to create your personalized plan.

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We work with most major insurance providers

We understand out of pocket cost is an important factor when looking for treatment. We accept most major insurance plans, self-pay, and provide funding through grants when available.

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*Payment may be dependent on specific policy

Live too far away from a Cedar Clinic?

Cedar Recovery has 13 locations across Tennessee and Virginia, with a mission to solve the opioid epidemic and repair our communities. In 2022, we expanded our services to telehealth to serve individuals in Tennessee and Virginia who are not located near our offices. Studio Health provides addiction treatment 100% from your phone with the same quality care patients receive in person.

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