Medication Assistance Treatment

We believe in our program, and even more importantly, we believe in our clients. Getting to treatment takes an admirable amount of strength, courage, and determination that people without addictions might not fully understand. Here, we do understand. That is just one reason our patients trust our experienced and knowledgeable staff to guide them through our addiction treatment center successfully.

While some patients thrive under an abstinence based program other patients need medication assistance in order to reach recovery.  One of Cedar Recovery’s three board certified addictionologist will evaluate patients for replacement therapy with the use of Buprenorphine. Patients who meet criteria for medication assisted therapy must agree to comply with all requirements of the program, which includes attendance at all counseling sessions, addiction education classes, random urine screening for the use of drugs, and an Aftercare/Relapse Prevention Program which lasts a minimum of one year. Patients will gradually taper off of medication assistance over 6-18 months based on progress in the program. Non-compliance will result in termination from the program.

Information regarding Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT) may be viewed at the links below:

MAT options may be considered by your physician:

Medication-Assistance for Alcohol

In addition to the use of Buprenorphine, patients who are dependent on alcohol may be prescribed acamprosate (Campral) for reduction of cravings, and/or naltrexone for elimination of the pleasurable or euphoric response to alcohol ingestion.

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