dr loyd of cedar recovery

Introducing Dr. Stephen Loyd

Chief Medical Officer

Dr. Stephen Loyd leads the medical team and oversees patient treatment at Cedar Recovery.

On top of his work for Cedar, he is currently a member of the Tennessee Board of Medical Examiners as well as serving as a federal expert witness. A nationally recognized thought leader and clinician, Dr. Loyd has decades of experience in internal medicine, mental health, and substance abuse services.

His background includes serving as the Medical Director and Assistant Commissioner for Substance Abuse Services with the Tennessee Department of Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services.

Photo of Cedar Recovery's Deputy Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Puja Pape.

Puja Pape, M.D.

Deputy Chief Medical Officer

Dr. Pape was promoted to Deputy Chief Medical Officer in April 2023. She supervises all medical teams, shapes evidence-guided policies, and ensures compliance with local, state, and federal regulations.

She also sees patients at our Columbia location, where she oversees patients' recovery efforts with medically assisted treatment. Dr. Pape takes pride in nurturing and promoting staff wellness, efficiency, and effectiveness, ensuring that our medical teams deliver the highest standard of care.

Photo of Sara Gregory, LCSW. Cedar Recovery's Compliance Director.

Sara Gregory, LCSW

Compliance Director

Sara Gregory, a licensed therapist, has served as the Compliance Director since 2020. Sara oversees compliance at Cedar Recovery which includes licensing and accreditation.

Additionally, she oversees the management of patient grievances and clinical quality measures. She works closely with the clinical team to make sure patients have every opportunity for success in their recovery.

Photo of Mai Ferrell, Cedar Recovery's Clinica Director.

Mai Ferrell

Clinical Director

Mai Ferrell has served as the Clinical Director at Cedar since June 2023. She is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, a Licensed Alcohol Drug Abuse Counselor and is a Certified Clinical Trauma Professional. She is responsible for supervising the clinical development of therapists at Cedar Recovery. With expertise in providing therapy, she focuses on the quality of care within individual, group therapy and the Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP).

Throughout her 18 years in the industry, Mai has collaborated closely with clinical teams to ensure patients receive the support they need for successful recovery and personal growth. She is a therapist by trade providing care in individual and group settings. She has also expanded her career and skillset to include implementing programming for people who are looking to recover.