Key Benefits of CedarRx

There are numerous advantages to using CedarRx pharmacy versus a local pharmacy, including:

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Convenience: Located right inside our clinic, CedarRx makes it convenient to get the medications you need to overcome your addiction successfully. Rather than running to several places for the care you need, you can get drug rehab treatment and any required medication at one convenient location.
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Confidentiality and Privacy: While there's no shame in seeking recovery services, some people don't want others to know. You might run into people you know when using one of your local pharmacies to fill your prescription medication. Our CedarRx on-site pharmacy provides additional privacy and ensures your information remains confidential.
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Comprehensive Care: Having an in-house pharmacy can provide a higher level of care. First, it offers better coordination of care between your physician and the pharmacists. Second, this improved coordination helps reduce errors when physicians create customized treatment plans that can be changed. This combination can lead to improved medication management, reduced errors, and improved recovery outcomes. 
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Supportive Environment: CedarRx provides a welcoming and discreet environment that allows those struggling with opioid use disorder to receive the care they need without the fear of judgment. Instead, you'll receive care and support throughout every step of the recovery journey, especially when obtaining the medication you need to minimize withdrawal symptoms.
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Why Choose CedarRx

CedarRx exclusively serves Cedar Recovery patients, with convenient access to necessary medications and support within a caring and secure setting. Acknowledging the challenges and stigma associated with seeking addiction treatment, CedarRx offers assurance and encouragement throughout your entire treatment process.

Start your path to recovery with evidence-based treatment and any required addiction medicine. We'll meet you where you are, and offer peer support and case management without a “three-strikes” rule. Contact Cedar Recovery at (800) 799-1450 to schedule an appointment today.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the answers to some of the most commonly asked questions about CedarRx's in-house pharmacy services.
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What is the meaning of in-house pharmacy?

Our in-house pharmacy allows Cedar Recovery patients to fill prescriptions directly inside our treatment facilities and have medications dispersed by our on-staff pharmacy team. We're fully licensed and insured to provide these services. These added services can simplify medication-based treatment plans by ensuring the right medicine is conveniently available.

How do I get started with CedarRx?

Our CedarRx pharmacy is currently available for our Cedar Recovery Lebanon patients.   Please contact our Lebanon office at (615) 994-1288.  We can explain how our pharmacy works, gather your insurance information and complete your first order. After the first prescription, CedarRx works with your physician to fill all required prescriptions. 

What medications are available through CedarRx?

CedarRx can fill addiction and mental health treatment medications prescribed for Cedar Recovery patients. All medications are prescribed by a licensed physician. You must be a Cedar Recovery patient to use CedarRx. 

Can my prescriptions be transferred to CedarRx?

Yes, any medications prescribed for your treatment at Cedar Recovery may be transferred from your current pharmacy to CedarRx. 

Why don't pharmacies carry Suboxone?

Those in recovery often find it difficult to obtain Suboxone at local or online pharmacies due to stigma or shortages. At Cedar Recovery, we aim to ensure and protect our ability to fulfill our patients’ needs. With CedarRx, you don’t have to worry about not having the Suboxone you need to continue on your path to recovery.