Cedar Recovery’s mission is to solve the opioid crisis and repair our communities by providing addiction treatment that works. We have a team of passionate and caring individuals, among them stands Shena Woods, an outstanding member of our team who has shown dedication to spreading awareness about addiction and recovery.

Shena Woods is a vital part of our team at our Shelbyville office, where she serves as a medical assistant. Her commitment to providing the best care and support to patients has earned her the respect and gratitude of not only her colleagues but also the individuals who have sought help.

However, Shena’s passion for aiding recovery extends beyond the walls of our treatment center. Recently, she took a step to contribute to her community during September, which is Recovery Month. Her dedication and advocacy for the cause have been nothing short of inspirational, and we’re excited to share her story.

Shena wrote an article for the local newspaper in Lynchburg, Tennessee, in honor of Recovery Month. Her dedication to her role as a medical assistant and her active involvement in the community to support recovery initiatives exemplify the values we strive to live by. Our mission is not only to provide addiction treatment that works, but also to create a supportive, understanding, and safe environment in our community.

We are proud to have Shena as part of our team, and we’re moved by her commitment to making a meaningful difference both within and beyond our treatment center. Her dedication to patient care and her efforts to get involved in the community to make a difference mirror our core values.

Shena is not just a medical assistant; she is a compassionate, dedicated professional who leads by example in our mission to help those seeking recovery. Her contribution during Recovery Month reminds us of the power of empathy and the positive impact one individual can make in their community. We applaud Shena for her efforts, and we anticipate her continued contributions to come.

Read Shena’s full article here.

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