Behavioral Therapy

Researchers suggest that combining medication and behavioral therapy is more effective in treating opioid use disorder than utilizing each modality as a standalone treatment approach.* Cedar Recovery therapists are specialized in medication-assisted treatment and provide a compassionate approach while working with individuals and families to learn tools of recovery.

Recovery is journey, not a destination

We know that an individual’s path to recovery is unique and each person deserves to be heard and supported through the stories they tell. While working with our therapists, patients are joined to identify themes, build personal awareness, and learn new behaviors to combat addictive behaviors by:

Identify Key Problems and Issues
●Identify and learn how areas including emotions, unresolved trauma, and/or grief can lead to substance use
●Address areas of mental health, including symptoms of depression, anxiety, and other mood-related issues

Bring Awareness of Unproductive Thought Patterns
●Underlying thought patterns can interfere with recovery efforts, and building internal awareness supports the ability to challenge maladaptive beliefs
●Understand that an occasional mistake is NOT a failure

Learn New Behaviors
●We work to find new ways to approach life and explore how behaviors positively or negatively benefit recovery
●Explore new methods to address undesirable life experiences rather than utilizing substances as a coping strategy

Under the care of our therapy teams, we offer structured behavioral therapy treatment including individual sessions, group sessions, and family sessions.

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Build community

We know an important aspect of achieving abstinence from opioids is having a strong support network.The Cedar Recovery app is a unique tool for building community with others on the path to recovery. In the app, you can connect directly with our staff, as well as others who are in our program. You can ask questions, receive encouragement, set appointments and more. Our app is a private, confidential tool that will help you achieve your goal of recovery. 

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Feel better. Get better. Stay better.

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