This is your chance for a new beginning

Our mission at Cedar Recovery is to solve the opioid crisis and repair our communities by providing addiction treatment that works.®

Recovery is a life-long journey

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We help patients write their unique story of overcoming addiction. We believe in meeting people where they are- no matter what. That means you or your loved one is welcomed, accepted, and provided the tools they need on their path to recovery.  We use an evidence-based approach to addiction recovery that combines medication-assisted treatment, behavioral therapy, and individual treatment plans. We believe this whole-person approach can give many people the best chance at long-term recovery.

We know that addiction is complex and is best addressed:

● Physiologically through medication
● Mentally through therapy to address roots of depression, anxiety, and trauma
● Individualized through treatment plans that are made for each individual patient

Our treatment model is built on research and founded on our unrelenting passion for seeing individuals free from addiction. We can help you start your journey to recovery.

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Build community

Recovery from addiction is most likely to be accomplished through accountability and community support. We offer weekly group therapy sessions and a private app where you can connect with others in recovery. Addiction thrives on isolation, so we strive to ensure you are surrounded by a community of people who will walk alongside you. The opposite of addiction is not necessarily abstinence, but community and relationship.  

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Our Values

Love Unconditionally

Our care for our patients is not dependent on their performance.While our level of care may not be right for everyone, our love and care for our patients is a calling that we take seriously.

Forgive Habitually

At Cedar Recovery, we don’t believe in “three strikes and you’re out”. We know that each person’s recovery looks different. We aren’t going to hold your past or any slip-ups against you.

Demonstrate Mercy

We are committed to demonstrating mercy to our patients. We believe in progress over perfection to break stigmas and provide evidence-based treatment that works.   

Feel better. Get better. Stay better.

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