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The medical team at Cedar Recovery is comprised of Medical Doctors, Nurse Practitioners, and Medical Assistants. Each member of our medical team brings unique experience and expertise in the medical care of those facing opioid abuse disorder and often cooccurring addictions. As a team, these skilled individuals oversee the medical care of our patients on their recovery journey.

Our medical team takes a unique approach to patient care. We do not practice the “Three strikes and you’re out rule” and do not use a “tough love” approach. We understand that simply “wanting it” is not always enough. There is much more to recovery, and we are committed to using science-backed methods to facilitate our patients on their journey, like medication-assisted treatment in conjunction with behavioral therapy. 

Our team of compassionate and caring medical professionals is lead by Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Stephen Loyd. Not only does Dr. Loyd have a track record of success in his field, but he has a unique point of view, having overcome opioid addiction himself. 

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Dr. Loyd, MD

Chief Medical Officer

Stephen Loyd leads the medical team and oversees patient treatment at Cedar Recovery. On top of his work for Cedar, he is currently a member of the Tennessee Board of Medical Examiners as well as serving as a federal expert witness. A nationally recognized thought leader and clinician, Dr. Loyd has decades of experience in internal medicine, mental health, and substance abuse services. His background includes serving as the Medical Director and Assistant Commissioner for Substance Abuse Services with the Tennessee Department of Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services. Dr. Loyd has been in recovery since 2004. Experiencing addiction firsthand has allowed him to develop a unique approach to patient care that is passionate, effective, and impactful. His daily goal is to help as many people receive the quality treatment they deserve in order for them to feel better, get better, and stay better.

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Our medical team works alongside our expert clinical team which consists of licensed master level therapists with specializations in various areas of mental health and substance abuse. Each clinical provider on our team is trained to treat opioid abuse disorder.

Together, our medical and clinical teams treat the whole person and exemplify our values of loving unconditionally, forgiving habitually, and demonstrating mercy daily.

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