Individualized Treatment Plans

Cedar recovery takes a whole-person approach to treating opioid addiction, which includes creating individualized treatment plans. An individualized treatment plan takes into account all the factors of the individual struggling with addiction. Using information about the individual, we develop a plan for success that addresses the needs that lie beneath the surface of addiction.

A whole-person approach to recovery

We look at the whole person and the obstacles keeping them from achieving their goal of sobriety. These can be things like: 

● Past trauma
● Living arrangements
● Work situations
● Financial hardships
● Transportation
● Unhealthy Relationships 
● Underlying health issues

We understand that substance abuse disorder is multifaceted and one simple fix for addiction does not exist. Helping an individual recover from opioid abuse can take many paths.  We take the time to care for the whole person and match patients with the correct services to meet both psychological and physical needs, increasing the chances of long-term recovery. Benefits of an individualized treatment plan include:

● Patients having an active role in their recovery process and creating their plan
● The tools and resources needed for recovery provided throughout the entirety of treatment
● Addressing the patient at the individual level, knowing that no two patients have the same needs

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Co-occuring Disorders

Individualized treatment plans are designed to treat more than addiction, and to address co-occurring disorders. When treating substance use disorders it is paramount that all aspects of the individual’s health, both mental and physical, are included in their plan of care. Many times, the addiction must be tackled first to give the patient clarity of mind to address other issues including anxiety, depression, OCD, schizophrenia, bi-polar, personality disorders, or any other co-occurrences that could impede recovery efforts.

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The Recovery Process is a Team Effort

With an individualized approach to treatment, patients are given tools and techniques they can apply to their lives outside our clinic walls.  Our skilled therapists work with our patients to define triggers, relationships, and habits that could impact their journey to recovery. We walk alongside our patients to give them a renewed sense of purpose and healthy habits and techniques to replace old habits and work through triggering situations. Most importantly, we are along for their journey and understand that there can be setbacks and we will always meet them where they are with forgiveness, mercy, and love. 

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Feel better. Get better. Stay better.

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